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Artzsource Desktop App

Artzsource Speed is a desktop application for sending SMS and managing contacts. Artzsource Desktop App is designed to deliver SMS in a fast and efficient manner from a Personal Computer. This product is ideally suited for the messaging needs of the SME and SOHO segment.

Artzsource SAP Plug-in

The plug-in helps an enterprise to get enterprise business information on mobile through seamless of SMS gateway with SAP using BAPI. The SAP SMS plug-ins is used to push information on periodic as well as on demand basis

Video/Voice Outbound Dailer

With the advent of 3G application, like VOD, LIVE TV, more and more customers have 3G handsets. Video OBD service leverages this opportunity and helps the operator to earn revenue from mobile advertising, running campaigns, special promotional offers to targeted customers. All of these will not only increase customer delight but also improve the customer-reach for the operator

Artzsource (Pro/Enterprise)

Enterprise-class SMS suite to process and send SMS in a complex database environment to fulfill any customer need related to SMS transactions in an automated or a manual mode. Enterprise Edition offers enterprise wide user licenses with ability to manage users and SMS credits. Professional Edition is a single user license product. Artzsource Pro/Enterprise Suit provides a highly reliable messaging platform to the enterprise segment. Artzsource Pro/Enterprise Suit is specially designed for efficiently handling high message volumes.

Artzsource SMSC

The spiking growth in mobile subscribers has put a tremendous pressure on call centers and sales teams alike. This has made the use of SMS’s a requisite tool for marketing and communication to reach out effectively to the subscribers. With the Peer to Peer SMSC almost ever congested and overloaded, this leaves very little room for such this activities for the teams. Artzsource has addresses this problem by developing an effective Open Source SMSC capable of making bulk SMS pushes with high throughput and efficiency . With developments in the field of Telecommunications and the Introduction of SIGTRAN , we are able to increase throughput exponentially and achieve volumes up to plenty of TPS.

Mobile Application Development

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Artzsource Pace

At the heart of the Artzsource Solutions suite resides the Artzsource Pace Server, which is responsible for inbound and outbound delivery of SMS. The Artzsource Pace Server manages the transmission and receipt of SMS messages, incorporating any required data encoding,
splitting and concatenation. This is SMS send/receive service for customers that wish to use their own client software. Standard APIs or COM objects provided to the customers.