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Artzsource is a leading provider of mobility solutions. We empower our customers to communicate with people on the move. Artzsource provides its clients with a complete carrier-grade technology solution that includes “plug and play” application licensing, custom development and application hosting, as well as connectivity with mobile users from multiple carriers and countries via its partner mobile network.


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Artzsource is a leading MVNO of Enterprise Data services

Employing a partnership with mobile operators, Artzsource acts as a virtual mobile operator, with a clear focus on SMS messaging. The Artzsource Mobile Messaging Platform has direct access to the SS7 international signalling backbone; used by every Mobile operator and accordingly every GSM handset worldwide now becomes accessible. In addition, Artzsource can combine signalling information from the mobile world with innovative applications running
concurrently on its own IT applications platform and thereby pave the way for mission-critical international messaging services.
Artzsource's Mobile Messaging Platform also provides support to 3G networks and the future Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) based services. Broadband support can be provided to messaging services, for example to allow enterprises an immediate and independent access to their customers.