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Enterprise Solutions Through Messaging Infrastructure

Artzsource's Mobile Messaging Platform with direct access to the international SS7 network includes the following quality features:

Reliability and timeliness

Acknowledged mobile messaging with guaranteed message delivery information. Commitment to service levels with guaranteed delivery times.

Secure and trusted environment

Artzsource’s equipment is established as part of a network operator’s secured infrastructure and therefore offers a trusted messaging environment.

Single entry point

For large-scale messages to multiple users in multiple mobile networks Artzsource’s corporate customers need only establish one contact to the Artzsource Mobile Messaging Platform. Working from the platform enables the same consistent feature set to be offered globally at a predetermined price.

Uniform application access

Whatever mobile network in the world a message originates from, only a single access number is necessary across multiple network operators and multiple countries to tap into corporate and mission critical applications.

Location-specific service

Artzsource’s Mobile Messaging Platform knows the location of a customer’s mobile phone and supports applications utilizing this location information.

Integrated payment

The seamless and secure messaging environment Artzsource offers is preconditional for financial transactions. Payment solutions will be established in the future in collaboration with acknowledged financial institutions. In addition to these features, Artzsource offers application integration services to allow customers to expand their existing corporate applications. Artzsource’s detailed knowledge of both the signalling and IT environments combined with its best-in-class application platform ensure seamless integration